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Nov 16, 2016

For as long as I've known him, conversations with Mike Cooper usually devolve into talks about vintage Star Wars figures. In this episode, we commit one such conversation to podcast and also discuss our glue-happy fathers and their involvement in our star wars collecting.


Mike's Puke-Custed, Party-Fest, Sewer Luke Skywalkerâ„¢ and rare Cloth Cape Darth Vader.

My glued down collection of Empire Strikes Back trading cards.

My dad was a Topps Trading Card counterfeiter.

TIE Interceptor trapped in amber.

My dad was proud enough of his coloring job to sign and date it. Show off!


It is possible to watch Star Wars as it appeared in 1977.

More on Star Wars figures vs a glue-happy dad

A Walrus Man by Any Other Name

Nov 1, 2016

In childhood development, transitional objects provide comfort in difficult or unique situations. We're joined by Stacey Rader, of Adventures of a Geeky Vixen, to discuss some of the toys that helped us through some tricky times growing up and into adulthood.

We laugh, we cry (almost), and get a little gross.

Turns out that Strawberry Shortcake rag dolls make great stunt padding in a pinch. And they smell good too. 

My old friend with the crooked nose and droopy eye.

Carrie Fisher meets Endor Carrie Fisher

E.T. means home. Me and my best friend with our Showtime Kamar E.T.s in 1982.

He's an adult, he's annoying, and he's an important part of Stacey's past.

Moss Man got me through a long drive to my impending doom (hospital visit).

When you're nervous about flying, it's good to have the ultimate co-pilot at your side.

B.A. Baracus at 35,000 feet

Jim Henson's The Christmas Toy

"More Than Just Teddy Bears" by Colleen Goddard 

"I Yam What I Yam!"