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Dec 21, 2016

On this eggnog-flavored episode, I'm joined by one of my favorite artists, the brilliant and prolific Alex Pardee. We share some of our favorite Christmas memories, including Santa's toy counterfeiting ring, sweaty Christmas carolers, boys wanting girl toys, dolls made out of produce, facial road rash, tall Tiny Tims and the death of Santa.

If you miss this episode, YULE regret it (I'm so sorry).


Did you know that Santa made the Dungeons & Dragons Fortress of Fangs playset just for Alex? It's true.

I karate chopped everything in a 10 mile radius the year I got my Fisher Price Miss Piggy puppet.

Alex with his Valterra Zombie board before going pro.

They don't call it The Nightmare for nothing. This poser Nash skateboard nearly killed me.


Want to ruin Christmas for the kiddies, tell them that Santa Claus is dead.

I recount the time I wanted to be Jacob Marley.


Opening Song: These Are The Quotes From Our Favorite 80's Movies by The Bouncing Souls

Closing Song: Have A Holly Jolly X-Mas by Crom-Tech

Dec 5, 2016

My long-time friend, Abby and I compare notes on finding our local punk rock scene. We discuss the appeal of fast and loud music, the sense of belonging it afforded us, the and the values we came away with that make us the people we are today.

Bonus:  Abby delivers the first f-bomb, which in itself is pretty punk rock. Just ask Tipper Gore.  


From unblemished beginnings...

...to discontented delinquent.

You know, just hanging around dying leopard stripes onto someones head.

Painting the Tune Inn sometime in the early 90s.

We discuss depictions of the underground music scene in the mainstream, such as the the bird flipping punk in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and among the ranks of the Garbage Pail Kids.


Abby and I made you a mixtape companion to the episode. However, I recommend listening to the podcast and mix tape at separate times.